The Cost of Poor Organizational Health

Michelle Cramer, CFRE, President & CEO, Cramer & Associates

Do you see limited employee engagement, poor execution of meetings, decreased connections among team members and inefficiencies in operations within your organization? These are the initial indicators of an unhealthy organization that could be costing your organization greatly.

Anyone who has ever worked in an unhealthy organization knows the confusion, frustration and significant mental and emotional toll dysfunction can take on employees, volunteers and board members. Your sense of purpose is lost, trust in the organization diminishes, and the overall morale and innovation within the business suffers.

Furthermore, the financial ramifications on organizations skyrocket when you calculate the wasted resources and hours of time, decreased productivity among the staff, increased employee turnover, and the list goes on. The anguish of the dysfunction can even creep beyond the walls of the organization and into your personal life, fracturing your relationships and mental health.

BUT there is hope, and the Cramer Team is here to offer a lifeline to nonprofits and corporations. Through an intense training with Patrick Lencioni, a leader of organizational health, the Cramer Team has discovered the practical tools to lead organizations to success, and we have even created our own next practices to strengthen teams and build healthy organizations.

“Organizational health requires real work and discipline and must be maintained,” Lencioni says. “It’s not for executives looking for a quick fix, but for those who have the courage to confront themselves, their peers and the dysfunction within their organization with an uncommon level of honesty and persistence.”

He adds, “Don’t underestimate the cost of allowing your organization to remain unhealthy. Turning an unhealthy company into a healthy one will not only create a massive competitive advantage and improve your bottom line, it will also make a real difference in the lives of the people who work there. And for the leaders who spearhead those efforts, it will be one of the most meaningful and rewarding endeavors they will ever pursue.”

When you make organizational health a priority, you create an environment where employees enjoy coming to work, value and respect one another, communicate effectively and innovate better than ever before. Healthy teams add more value and impact to the mission and services you provide and they’re inspired to go above and beyond to help the organization succeed.

To elevate your organization and build cohesion among your team, take the first step, and reach out to the Cramer Team. Let us help you create a roadmap to eliminate the trouble indicators and provide you with the right tools and support, including exclusive executive leadership coaching, board and team assessments, on- and off-site retreats, and more!

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