Partner Spotlight: Sr. Mary Berigan’s New Hat

Contributed content provided by the Blessing House Sr. Mary Berigan has worn many hats over the years – she has been a teacher, grade school principal, coach, volunteer guardian ad litem and is now Executive Director of a children’s crisis care center. But the one hat Sr. Mary never expected to be wearing was that […]

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Uncover New Skillset Resources on Your Board: Part II

Mike Schmidt, CFRE, Cramer & Associates, Executive V.P. & Partner A plethora of skillset resources of your board members are uncovered when you shift from report-out board meetings to strategy development. Don’t squash the potential and just report the mundane day-to-day occurrences. Your board members will leave the meeting only feeling that they warmed the […]

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The Board Shake-Up Starts Now: Part I

Mike Schmidt, CFRE, Cramer & Associates, Executive V.P. & Partner The clock strikes the top of the hour. Adjourned. Everyone clicks ‘Leave the Meeting’ from the Zoom room. At your nonprofit board meeting, oceans of reports were blandly presented, one after the other, with absolutely no shoreline in sight for dialogue, innovation or strategic planning. […]

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