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Strategically Doing Good

We customize our studies and campaigns and dedicate our creativity to igniting innovative strategies. The result will be a campaign which commands the attention of your community, achieves or exceeds its financial goal, and empowers your team and the board with the resources to better sustain your organization.

Feasibility Studies

Cramer & Associates’ philanthropic feasibility studies are designed to help your organization learn about the community’s perceptions of your proposed campaign or project. Our studies provide recommendations that include specific strategies and action steps to ensure your campaign not only succeeds, but is also a positive experience for you, your board, volunteers, staff, and donors. If we discover your organization is not ready to launch a campaign, we develop a detailed plan so that your organization is positioned and prepared for a campaign in the future.

Master Planning

Master planning is vital for organizations today and linking it to the mission is central to planning. We take a holistic approach when identifying organizational priorities and examining existing programs. Cramer & Associates works with our clients to determine your vision and how we are going to accomplish your short and long-term goals.

Pivot Planning

The Pivot Plan™ is not a long-term approach to planning, but a swift strike designed to be executed in less than one week and help an organization change directions. The plan revolves around “pivot gears” at the heart of every nonprofit, including leadership, mission fulfillment, finance, fundraising, and marketing and communications. At the core of the plan is the understanding that each of these gears must work together to develop a path forward during a disruption or change in directions. Cramer & Associates works with clients to facilitate the planning process and pivot the organization in a new direction.

Resource Development Assessments

Our resource development assessments provide strategic recommendations that will serve as a guide for creating a sustainable organizational growth plan.

Fundraising Planning

The fundraising plan helps your organization plan two to three years. By connecting with the development staff and board development committee, we help you set fundraising priorities so that your organization can focus on the future. By conducting individual interviews with staff and board and asking for input, we get to the heart of where you need to focus your time and energy to have a strong return.

Community Engagement Assessments

The assessment demonstrates to the community that you value their insight and welcome their input into your future planning. It changes the dynamics and culture of the community by providing a meaningful way for community leaders and donors to engage in the mission and vision of your organization while helping to set long and short term priorities.

Program Assessments

We assess an organization’s current programming to determine which programs are critical to continue and which need to be eliminated. By conducting focus groups, surveys, and individual interviews, we dive into the impact your organization is having on the community and the people you serve. The analysis allows you to plan for the future and your community’s changing needs.

Strategic Plans

Our strategic plans are customized to meet your organization’s mission. Our process includes careful analysis of your current initiatives and how we can move the organization and its goals forward.

Planned Giving

We help you create a successful fundraising plan and strategy for your organization’s giving program.


We identify like-organizations and compare various items such as fundraising activities, endowment totals, capital campaigns, and other resources. It provides an invaluable comparative analysis and surfaces new strategic objectives.


We provide a variety of survey services — whether it be to engage your board, elicit feedback on a potential campaign or evaluate current programming. Surveys allow you to collect valuable data to make informed decisions and reach a broader stakeholder audience.

Corporate Philanthropy Assessments

We believe the best corporate philanthropy programs align perfectly with the company’s business goals, corporate culture, mission, vision, and values. Our comprehensive corporate philanthropy assessments provide a dynamic strategy to bring your mission and unique perspective alive.

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