Pivot Plan

Cramer & Associates provides the Pivot Plan™ Workbook and tools that you and your team need to get started. After participating in the webinar, you can call your team together to get started.

Through an engaging webinar led by our team of experts, Cramer will walk you through the pivot process from start to finish. Each member of the Cramer team will share stories and examples of nonprofits who have pivoted and found creative and innovative ways to fulfill their mission during the pandemic. Members of the team, including their areas of expertise, include the following:


  • Michelle Cramer, CFRE, President and CEO – the “leadership” expert
  • Dawn Robinson, Senior Consultant – the “programs & services” expert
  • Dawn Hill, CPA, CFO – the “finance” expert
  • Mike Schmidt, CFRE, Executive Vice President and Partner – the “fundraising” expert

Participants will receive a Pivot Plan™ Workbook after participating in the webinar.


The Benefits

Unlike a Strategic Plan, the Pivot Plan is a swift strike designed to be executed in seven days, positioning your organization to put the learnings from your personalized Pivot process to work right away.


As a participant of the Pivot Plan, your organization will benefit from the following:

  • Creating a cohesive plan to move your organization past the disruption and into action
  • Removing the barriers and silos that typically exist in nonprofit organizations
  • Syncs all the gears toward mission fulfillment to ensure financial sustainability
  • Provides a proactive engagement and cultivation tool for both Board and donors

Regardless of the size of your organization, everyone who participates will walk away with the training and tools needed to implement your organizations’ Pivot Plan. You will be ensuring that your organization not only survives, but thrives, and moves forward with confidence!

I thought this webinar was one of the best I have been a part of since COVID-19 hit. I have been on a million.


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