About the
Pivot Plan™

Leading an organization out of any type of unexpected disruption requires aligned, cohesive thinking by leadership teams; clear and concise direction moving forward; and strong tactical approaches for success.

Cramer & Associates’ Pivot Plan™ is an integrated roadmap, allowing nonprofits to shift their strategies and ensure mission fulfillment during times of disruption. Unlike a strategic plan, the Pivot Plan™ is a swift strike, designed to be executed in one week.


At the core of the plan are the 5 ‘Pivot Gears,’ which must be in alignment in order to develop a plan moving forward. The 5 gears include Leadership, Programs & Services, Finance, Fundraising, and Marketing & Communications.


Lean on the Cramer Team to walk you through the Pivot Planning Process, Stories of nonprofits who have found new, innovative ways to carry out their mission will also be shared. As a participant of the Pivot Plan™, your organization will benefit from and learn the following:

  • How to create a cohesive action plan forward
  • How to ensure mission fulfillment during disruption
  • How to tear down silos and build a collaborative team culture
  • How to leverage your plan as a cultivation tool with stakeholders

Regardless of the size of your organization, everyone who participates will walk away with tools to implement immediately to ensure your organization not only survives, but thrives and moves forward.


To learn more about this action plan or to schedule a Pivot Plan™ session, contact Michelle Cramer at michelle@cramerfundraising.com or 614.787.5473.

The Pivot Plan™ was clear, concise and a great way to evaluate what we’re trying to do in light of COVID-19. We will be discussing this plan at our leadership level.

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