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According to the Census Bureau, by 2030 there will be 71.5 million people over the age of 65 in the United States, more than twice the number of those in the year 2000. Preparing for this growth is important. There will be more seniors living longer, requiring more facilities and services from organizations like The Ohio Eastern Star Home, which was constructed in the early 1960’s and has not been renovated. The rooms were small by today’s standards, on one unit, and semi-private, which can be difficult for residents and their families. It was especially difficult for the families of residents who, as they require more skilled care, must transition from the newer beautiful Moreland Hughes Residence, to a semi-private room in these units.

Services Provided

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Older units needed to be replaced with new technology in order to provide the best nursing and rehabilitation services to the elderly. Hospitals increasingly rely on organizations like as the Ohio Eastern Star Health Care Center to provide short-term nursing care for individuals with complex medical needs who hospital care. The Ohio Eastern Star Home fills an important role in the healthcare continuum for patients in the community, serving more than 250 therapy patients each year. Research shows that recovering from surgery in a private room results in faster recovery times, reduced risk of infection, more quality rest, and enhanced medical care.

Our Impact

The Ohio Eastern Star Home is primarily funded through service revenue. The organization maintains adequate reserves for capital needs, maintenance and future operations, but the home had never undertaken a capital campaign of this size. We conducted a feasibility study where it was determined that in order for the campaign to be successful, the organization needed to look beyond its current donors, Ohio Eastern Star membership and grateful patients and families. We crafted a thoughtful and detailed plan that included needed awareness building activities within the Mount Vernon and Knox County area. By engaging the general community, many large gifts were secured from first time donors. We also developed a state-wide engagement plan to ensure that every Ohio Eastern Star member throughout the Ohio was cultivated and given the opportunity to be part of this historic campaign for the home.

Campaign Facts

» $4.5 Million Goal

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