Strategic Partners

When you engage Cramer & Associates, you are also granted access to our network of strategic partners, who are leaders in their respective fields. Our partners add value, in addition to their expertise, which enables us to offer services that will help you solve any unique challenges that you might be facing.

Rod Arter,

For over 20 years, Cramer & Associates has worked with Rod to bring our clients’ concepts to life. In our experience, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words (and sometimes a million dollars!) and Rod’s illustrations are often the perfect solution.

Rod has been creating Design Illustrations, Concept Sketches and Perspective Renderings for over 30 years. His ability to quickly and effectively interpret our clients’ ideas on paper has contributed to the success of many projects from the earliest planning stages to final design details and promotion. A sharp eye, a quick hand and a deadly serious grasp of the design process cloaked in his signature easy-going manner, makes Rod a valuable asset to each project.

Evelyn Flock,
Commemorative Recognition & Displays

1157 Design Concepts has been creating customized recognition displays for over 50 years and understands the art of storytelling and donor recognition. For over 10 years, Cramer & Associates has counted on Evelyn and her team to create high impact and creative recognition displays that leave the organizations and their donors proud of the work they’ve done.

Tricia Maschke and Dan Barney,
Database Management & Analysis

Red Barn Advisors work with clients to address their immediate and foreseeable needs. The team strives not only to engage the best data management practices, but to do so in a manner which is the best fit for clients given their resources and budgetary restrictions. Red Barn Advisors understand that teams have strengths and challenges and work with leadership to capitalize on those areas.

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