Cramer Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications


Cramer & Associates is looking for a strategic, creative, self-starter to join the team as Cramer’s Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications. As a nationally-recognized philanthropic consulting firm, Cramer & Associates partners with mission-based organizations, corporate foundations, and other nonprofits to elevate their fundraising efforts, corporate giving initiatives, and operational advancement opportunities by delivering effective strategies, thoughtful recommendations, and genuine passion. The Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications will serve as “the voice” of Cramer & Associates to promote the brand, share success stories, and position the firm as a highly respected and innovative consultancy in the philanthropic sector. The focus of this position will also be on increasing visibility and awareness of the firm, including central Ohio, state-wide, regionally, and nationally. Additionally, the Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications will work with Michelle to identify and create opportunities to position her as an innovative expert in the industry.


The Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications will be responsible for leading the firm’s growing marketing line of service for our clients.


In addition, the Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications is responsible for the development, management, and measurement of all strategic marketing and public relations efforts for both the firm and clients. This leader will build Cramer & Associate’s internal marketing strategy and its marketing service line for clients, and execute both by creating digital, print, social, and promotional content for both the firm and clients.


Qualified Candidates Must Have:

  • A proven and applied track record in: strategy; measurement; internal, executive, and stakeholder messaging; message and tactical alignment; brand/identity standards; and outcome-oriented utilization of a wide range of media and platforms.
  • Expert-level skills in writing, measurement of message “throughput” and impact; and translation of complex problems and systems into accessible and understandable content.
  • Competencies in contingency planning, crisis communications, and milestone events.
  • A strong understanding of both nonprofit operations and the philanthropic sector.


The Sr. Director will report to the President & CEO of Cramer & Associates, with the responsibility of collaboration, problem solving, and joint planning with other members of the Cramer team


Applicants should provide a cover letter, competency and outcomes-based career profile, and up to five examples of work product that reflect communications talent needs of Cramer & Associates. The cover letter may be used to provide a link to a web site or warehouse of work product examples.


Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2021 exclusively to: Maddy Andrews @ Finalists will be required to share at least three references. At least five years of relevant experience and demonstrated communications leadership is required.

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