Boost Donor Communications

Over the past two weeks our community, and our world, has shifted; and today more than ever the nonprofit sector must not retreat but advance their missions. Our sector has been the driving force through times of crisis, economic stress, and natural disasters and there are lessons we have learned throughout the years. First and […]

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6 Tips to Leverage Your Board

Nonprofits should be gathering one of their greatest assets, the Board of Directors / Trustees, right now!  Leadership should leverage the entire Board during a crisis like we are seeing today.  Here are some tips to help your staff and Board members collaborate during this time and use each other’s greatest skill sets.  Nonprofits should […]

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Top 10 Nonprofit Coronavirus Check List

Times of uncertainty cause routines to change for safety and security. Nonprofits should create action steps to prepare and respond during emergencies. 1. Follow Your Crisis Communications Plan. If you do not have a plan, it is critical that your organization create one to detail your strategy for communicating with your clients, stakeholders, staff, donors, […]

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