Developing Your Case

A capital campaign sometimes sends organizational leaders into writing a case for support and asking questions about the different pieces that are included. Leadership oftentimes discusses philanthropic or campaign  publications and communications including brochures, newsletters and letters with beautiful layouts and designs. However, your leadership should start with the different components needed to take the […]

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Board Engagement: It Might Start With A Question

Do you ever wonder why your Board members aren’t engaged in the meetings? Or wish they were more involved with your nonprofit organization? Today most Board meetings are filled with staff reports and lists of mundane action items. This happens meeting after meeting and Board members loose further interest in being engaged. Board members often […]

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Organization Files – Getting Started in 2018

Case Files or Resources aren’t words you might be using as we prepare to roll into the new year and they certainly are not top of mind for most development committees or your CEO / Executive Director. But, assessing your organization’s mission and putting together your case resource file should be part of your 2018 […]

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